Education And Enlightenment Of The Handicap Essay

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home and were seen infrequently out in the public. Parents continued to see and felt the poor reception and fearful reaction to the paralyzed child parents kept them at home and for the most part out sight because they didn 't want their child to be hurt and humiliated because of insensitivity and intolerance of others. Before schools such as the Home School and many more that specialized in the education and enlightenment of the handicap, to be more able and not disabled. Some well-meaning parents just didn 't know where they could turn, they were at a cross wind, a crossroad at what to do with the education and the means they had and were given at time. Parents did the best they could and they felt that they were doing the right thing. Criticism is one thing, but parents need help not hardship. Regardless of whether or not a disability, there is stress in raising up the family. What is necessary is a sense of compassion and understanding by other family members, friends, and society alike to offer always a positive and proactive word that helps, not hinders the person from doing the best they can. With help was made available and received, people and parents do step out in faith with courage, conviction and commitment for the improvement and empowerment of education for the world 's children. In my own family, my brothers and I were very fortunate to have both parochial and public school systems nearby to have a strong foundation of education to lead us into the

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