Education And Freedom Of The Oppressed

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Final Research Paper: Education and Freedom of the Oppressed in the United States Ivy Yvette Salinas CSP 54: Remaking the World: The European Revolutionary Tradition Professor Stone July 20, 2016 According to the Archbishop of York, “the true purpose of education is to produce citizens,” however based on Frantz Fanon’s theory, I would argue that ideally the purpose of education is to produce enlightened people that will work towards freeing themselves and others of oppression. I along with, scholars in education such as Donald H. Smith, also argue that education is the “most powerful social force in the history of humankind” because it can be used to “empower or to enslave.” In the United States where slavery once existed, another form of slavery continues to exist and it manifests itself as the educational oppression. It is no coincidence that the the people who are affected by this form of oppression are minorities, or mainly students of color or students of lower “classes” or economic background. At the core of the inequality of the education system in the United States is the funding distribution for public schools. Public schools get funded through in large part by property taxes which are essentially determined by the value of the area the school is in. 5. Our debate topics are related to each other in that they are all interdependent on one another and are focused on student success through similar means. Debate topics such as privatization, merit

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