Education And Influences Of Education

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Education and Influences
What does it mean to be educated? When education is thought upon, one would imagine the school system starting with preschool, first grade, second grade, and third grade eventually moving on up to till the 12th. Or One might think that education is having “street smarts”... knowing which places to avoid in florida versus being a tourist just visiting. Education is defined as: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. How education is defined is shaped around one’s influences. People are impacted by education because of influences on family, media, peers, and teachers.
Family is a major part of any child’s education. Growing up people often tell each other “My mother never finished school so I’m the first one to actually do this” or “I don’t see the point in education” Each family in some way affects how youth learn. Not to mention those who aren’t as fortunate as others can be a determining factor in how successful someone will be in the future. If a parent reads or shows interest in reading, then it 's most likely the child will pick up on that and attempt to read. For instance, award winning author, Sherman Alexie recounted that “My father, who is one of the few Indians who went to Catholic school on purpose, was an avid reader of westerns, spy thrillers, murder mysteries, gangster epics, basketball player biographies, and anything else he could find”(35). From this one can refer that…
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