Education And Its Effect On The Community

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Education plays a major role in the development of countries. Countries in East Asia have had many education reforms ranging from implementing religious ideals to promoting nationalism. A good reason to spend more money on education is because with more students going to school and learning through a better curriculum, then it could lead to technological advancements within that country so it could lead to that country being the main competitor in a market. Jobs have moved away from the agriculture sector and is moving towards the industrial sector. With technology becoming more complicated the skill level required to help the company has increased. So with the skill level requirement becoming higher, the need for better quality education is necessary. Almost every single East Asian country has had a higher enrollment percentage recently compared to decades ago. I think this is due to the fact that now more women are being educated and it has shown that it has a positive effect on the community. During the old times in China, there was a reform to put Confucian ideology in school, government, and ethics. Confucian ideology is pretty much the teachings of Confucius’ ideals and values told through analects. In school, implementing Confucian ideals helped build character and teach children about morals and ethics. These children who learned the Confucian ideals could go into the government, no matter which social class they came from. However, there was still inequality around
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