Education And Its Impact On Education

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In life there are many things that are important to us, but education is one of the most essential tools that can open doors to reach everything that we as human beings consider valuable in this world. The life event that we were experiencing were formed by how better education qualification we have made that create better social status in our life. Education is “a manifest function with an intended purpose of social instruction. It is a basic component of society that fulfills an essential need. It intendeds to transmit skills and knowledge to members of that society to help them become productive. Education produces an obedient workforce, delay entry of youth into the labor market and squashes creativity and critical thinking” (Giddens, Duneier, Appelbaum, and Carr, 2014, P. A11). Furthermore, social status is social identity recognized as meaningful within the social system. Social status carries expectation, rights and responsibilities, some we have at birth, other we attain over the life course. I will describe my experiences in the education system in order to help my audience understand hidden curriculum and stratification are part of the several social institutions. Social institution contains interrelated set of norms, values, beliefs, and practices, it maintains and perpetuates by our participation in them preserve tradition. In addition, social institutions are subject to change when they become outmoded, inefficient, or unresponsive. My life
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