Education And Its Influence On American Education

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Graduate Education today shows traces of its European ancestors. The influences range from Greece, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and many others. American education has evolved and manifested throughout the thousands of years of its existence. We can directly trace the roots back to our European ancestors, with the education that exists today in America.
Higher education’s journey began in Greece in 387 BC by Plato. The only thing offered at this first educational establishment was an advanced study in philosophy. From this basis, more higher education facilities began to be erected, from 387 BC to the 17th century .The ancestors of graduate education were constructed throughout Palestine, Babylonia, Indian, China and Korea. Most systems either taught religious aspects or philosophy. Like today, many higher education schools are still religious based, even though they offer numerous amounts of studies, they are still based around religion studies and incorporate it into every line of study at the university.
Higher education in America today offers many concentrations of study, but each university has a specific concentration subject that they are known for, such as, liberal arts, education, medical, engineering, etc. This influence on education did not begin until Medieval times. Medieval universities had main areas of study at each facility, some offered liberal studies, while others were focused on music, astronomy, geometry and mathematics. Professional studies included law,…
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