Education And Parenting Has Changed Us

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All of us have at some point in our lives begun to think about how our education has shaped us and how our parents have influenced us to be the person we’ve become. When we begin school we don’t think about how it is going to influence us in the future but as we grow up our parents began to teach us morals and give us responsibilities. Many of us can say that education and parenting has given us a positive influence that has made us the person we may become in the future. I believe that education and parenting has shaped us in some ways but I think that it can be difficult to escape these influences because we live it day to day. Our parents have taught us morals and the values each day of our lives. Some lessons that they taught was what is right and wrong. Our parents have given us more responsibilities, as we get older. They have taught us to be responsible at school by completing each assignment on time and having it ready to turn in the work on the day that it is due. For example, my parents have always bugged me by asking questions like, have you done the assignment? Or have you turned it in? For instance, they give us lectures to differnate right from wrong. All that our parents want to do is for us to be someone in life and have a better future that what our parents have given us. Depending on your ethnicity each parents has been raised in a different way, which they continue to follow the morals that your grandparents raised them. In a Chinese home according to Chu
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