Education And Religion During The Great White North

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Education and religion is something everyone needs to be introduced to as it will help to make this world a more successful and better place. It is critical for children to have a belief inn something while they grow up. It gives them hope and dreams which gives them bliss and joy in return. In order to stop all the judgement on racism, cultures, social class, sexuality and gender more people need to realize the sole purpose of life and that can be achieved through education and religion. I was born and raised in the great white north. My culture and experiences throughout my whole life have probably been a little bit different then the average American. Canada 's culture was mostly influenced by European cultures and traditions, especially the French and British. Many immigrant 's have came into Canada and eventually started to become a part of the mainstream. Along with American 's as Canadian 's are influenced by the culture because of the language we share, overall similarity and the migration between the two countries. This has effected the way I 've experienced my culture in Canada. Where I 'm from, the majority of people around me are very progressive, diverse, and multicultural. Everyone seems to be equal in the sense of religion, race, and cultural backgrounds. Now, everyone may have different beliefs in God and different cultural backgrounds but everyone treats each other like they are no different. I was raised in a very easy going, catholic, loving,

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