Education And Religion During The Great White North

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Education and religion is something everyone needs to be introduced to as it will help to make this world a more successful and better place. It is critical for children to have a belief inn something while they grow up. It gives them hope and dreams which gives them bliss and joy in return. In order to stop all the judgement on racism, cultures, social class, sexuality and gender more people need to realize the sole purpose of life and that can be achieved through education and religion. I was born and raised in the great white north. My culture and experiences throughout my whole life have probably been a little bit different then the average American. Canada 's culture was mostly influenced by European cultures and traditions,…show more content…
We celebrate all the holidays, sit at the table for dinner, support one another, and always make each other happy. As I was growing up, I went to a catholic grade school. This school went from kindergarten all the way up to grade eight. Throughout these years, I was taught all the basics and was carrying my belief in God along the way. When I was 4, my parents decided to put me in baseball to learn how to socialize better and make friends. Ever since then I have felt that baseball has been a part of my family and my culture. Baseball has made me become so close with my Dad and Mother as he was my number one coach throughout my early years and she was my number one supporter. This is why I put it as part of my culture and that 's why I think my personal culture is different than the dominant culture. It has brought me to who I am today and taught me an endless amount about life and the others around me. A social structure that has had an affect on my life is the educational system. Some believe that in order for our society to survive, it must require a vast amount of degree differentiation to provide the workers for all of the things that need to be done in the modern world. So if education wasn 't involved in our life, our world would be so different its unimaginable. Education has affected my life because it has made me knowledgeable, sociable, and helped me meet the people I know today. Education has made me
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