Education And Social Justice Issues

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During my time at school the combination of education and social justice issues is a complex one. School is supposed to be a safe place for one to learn and grow, however with the increasing amount of inequalities within the school system there seems to be a growing divide between what we consider the “norm” and those we deem as the “other” (Kumashiro, 2000). The “other” is constantly pressured to conform to the norm of society, which is socially constructed (Sensoy and Di Angelo,2012) and this poses an issue in most schools, but even more apparent in urban schools. Within this reflection paper I will discuss my experience with social justice issues in high school, my overall experience living in a town where there was a large divide in socio-economic status, and how these experiences molded me as a student now and how they will impact my learning and teaching in urban schools.
High school was a great experience for me socially, athletically and academically. Academically my grades were in the highest percentile for my school, and I had a great rapport with my teachers. I was held to a high standard of expectations because of the marks I achieved. The rapport I had with teachers served me well throughout high school and in university as I was able to use them as references for scholarships and applications. I worked hard in high school to obtain good marks because it was an important to myself and my family. Continuing with my experiences in high school I had multiple…
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