Education And The Influence Of Poverty In Education

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In the twenty-first century poverty in the academic system is becoming more prevalent. Certain school distracts are granted with better funding’s for their schools, while other distracts are being deprived. Although, some school districts are providing the proper funding, their students could be below the poverty line and may not have access to the right tools to achieve in school. Thinkers like John Dewey, Michael Foucault and Marin Buber all held their stances on education and the influence of poverty in the education system, but collectively believed that education should be equal to all students across the income spectrum. The influence of poverty in education affects more then the student’s ability to learn and achieve, but influences the amount of recourses the teachers and classrooms are given, the classroom environment overall, and the differences presented between the funding’s for public schools and private academies. According from a static taken from the Children’s Defense Fund in 2006, 1.3 million children have fallen into the poverty category (Cuthrell, Stapelton, & Ledford, 2010). Since, that statistic, the number of children falling into the poverty category in the United States is approaching 13 million (Cuthrell, Stapelton, & Ledford, 2010). Children from families with lesser income have fallen to a disadvantage when it comes to maintain school knowledge when it comes time for summer, weekends or small breaks. Researchers from a study conducted from
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