Education And The Intellectual Era Of Enlightenment

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The educational system that we have today was built in the intellectual era of enlightenment. Our educational system hasn’t changed since then and no one has complained about it before or made a new educational system to propose. Our educational system today is mainly about math and English which limits the creativity for a student to want to do something else with his life then count numbers or read books. When children are placed in kindergarten they tend to have more creativity then older ones who are in middle school or high school. A student in kindergarten is given more free time to be creative then just be given homework for math and English. That is usually the cause of many students failing in school or lacking interest for school. If I had the opportunity to change the educational system I would make three changes. The three changes that I would make would be adding more courses of performing arts, students getting the opportunity to change their major before college, and I would remove preschool before kindergarten. First, I would add more courses of performing arts and anything artistic in middle school. Students tend to lose their creativity when the go into middle school since there is no art classes or performing arts class so if a student wants to be in dance then they have to wait until high school so it effects their interest in school. It is very easy for a young adult to lose interest in something but it is more difficult for a child to lose interest…
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