Education And The World Of Physical Education

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In the last few decades there has been a disconnect in the world of Physical Education. The stigma that physical educators bare has brought misunderstanding to parents and kids alike. The importance of health and even the education of basic motor skills has been substituted for standardized testing, and PE classes are further cut away in school budgets due to a lack of awareness. Studies have proven on multiple occasions that there is a very strong correlation between more physical education and higher test scores. Giving children the chance to release energy and have fun in a safe environment is extremely important in their future development. The foundation for physical education branches from Movement Education, which teaches kids to develop motor skills and coordination that are the building blocks for all physical activities whether it be sports or just throwing a ball. Movement education is an important theme to teach the pre-K and elementary age group. At this time period, children are just learning to control their bodies in a mindful way, and reinforcing the ideas of a mind and body connection will help them further develop their skills. One of the key components of movement education is the involvement with students. There are no teams or scores, and a movement education activity often combines several motor skills into a game or objective. Movement Education has been more so phased out in modern teaching environments. The peak in popularity of movement education
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