Education And Training Requirements For Social Workers

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“Social Workers help people solve and cope with problems in everyday life.”(Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014) A Social Worker, is what the title implies it is, it is someone working with their clients to provide the best care they can for them. In 2012, the median salary for Social Workers was at $44,200, the number of jobs in the same year was at 607,300. The growth outlook for the next couple of years is at a 19% increase, which is a faster than average growth pace in any field. Educational and training requirements for Social Workers can vary, but most employers seek a Bachelor’s in Social Work but also many employers hire people in related fields such as people with degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Some subfields in Social Work require a bit more education such as in Clinical Social Work, which requires a Masters in Social Work and at least two years of Post-Masters experience in a Clinical setting. Licensing requirements vary from State to State but most States require a license for Clinical Social Workers. Most Clinical Social Workers have to have a Master’s Degree and two years of supervised Clinical experience. After that, they must take a Clinical exam in order to be licensed in a specific State. Some duties of Social Workers include, identifying people who need help and providing the care they need. They help clients adjust to changes and challenges in their lives, whether it is a social or personal challenge. They also help provide Government assistance such

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