Education And Vocational Achievements Of A School Cohort

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People vary greatly in their educational and vocational achievements. While educational achievement has been examined in schools and tertiary settings, it is not always the case that the original educational and vocational achievements of a school cohort have been followed because there are certainly many other factors that affect people’s result of achievement. According to Holland (1997, p.13), there are many characteristics of a person and an environment that influence educational and vocational development such as the age, gender, ethnicity, geography, social class, physical assets or liabilities, educational level attained, intelligence and influence. By comparing and contrasting males and females, this essay will focus on gender, in terms of schooling and vocation, and how culture and social stereotypes affect male and female educational and occupational pathways in Australia.

Gender as a function of society and culture

Gender is a cultural and social phenomenon that refers to constructed differences between men and women. “With western feminism – which encompassed Marxist, radical and liberal feminist frameworks – gender was seen to operate both as a set of cultural understandings that represents what it means to be a man or woman, and as a social variable that structures the opportunities and pathways that men and women are expected to follow” (Vickers, 2013, p.161). This phenomenon appears both educationally and vocationally.

Gender stereotype…
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