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Amanda Tatarek 9/29/10 Article Review #1 The article begins by the author explaining that men have privilege over women. “Denials which amount to taboos surround the subject of advantages which men gain from women’s disadvantages. These denials protect male privilege from being fully acknowledged, lessened or ended,” (McIntosh, 1998. P. 1). Then the article proceeds to discuss how whites, whether they realize it or not, have a considerable advantage over other races. She lists twenty-six ways that whites have the upper hand. McIntosh explains that as a white person she had been sheltered from the privileges that she had. “I think whites are taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male…show more content…
There is a black Ms. America and a Black Ms. America, yet the former Ms. America was black. There are sororities that are specifically for particular races yet regular sororities cannot discriminate on race but the race specific ones can. I feel that no matter what race you are you experience discrimination in your lifetime. Coming to Temple and living around Temple, I feel like the minority when I walk on the streets. I feel that it doesn’t matter what color skin you are, sometimes you will have the upper hand and sometimes you will have the lower hand. That is just how life is. As a teacher I am going to make sure all my children, no matter what race they are, receive equal amount of attention, knowledge, and opportunities within my classroom. I will do this by shaping the curriculum around a multicultural perspective. “Multicultural education, on the other hand, encourages a culturally responsive curriculum in which diversity is integrated throughout the courses activities and interactions in the classroom,”(Gollnick & Chinn, 2009, p. 72). I will not let my race overpower the way I write and deliver my lessons. I will use Race and Ethnicity within my curriculum to teach my students to be aware of all cultures and races so they aren’t blinded by the dominant culture of America. Any child can succeed and do well no matter where they come from.
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