Education As A Core Element Of Generating Quality Human Capital

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Sociopolitical context Education is acknowledged to be one of the seven priorities of “Kazakhstan – 2030” Strategy. As it is particularly stated in state policy documents, the common goal of education reforms in Kazakhstan is to adapt the education system to global socio-economic environment (State Program on Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011–2020). Kazakhstan is on the way of its transformation to be one of the 50 most competitive countries in the world. To achieve this ambitious goal, the country is overhauling its educational system to be able to produce quality human capital as it will significantly result in benefit for economy and society (Bhuiyan, 2011). Therefore, gifted education is considered to be a core element of generating quality human capital; hence, a great deal of resources has been investing into education in order to implement strategies to provide a high quality education for gifted children (Hernandez-Torrano & Abisheva, 2013). There are a lot of issues beyond gifted education in terms of identifications, perceptions, teaching methods, peculiarities and etc. Nowadays, different ways of supporting and organizing gifted children’s activities are being discussed by the majority of scholars. For instance, according to Kazakhstani scholars (Damitov et al., 2006; Damitov et al.,2009) the importance of practical activities, scientific and educational research is prioritized in several policy documents such as:
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