Education As A Special Education Teacher

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Unfortunately, I was not able to connect with Kevin’s primary teacher due to her busy schedule although, I was able to meet with an extended family member who teaches right here in the West Chester school district. While meeting with her I learned a lot more about her career as a whole. She is a West Chester graduate who finished about eight years ago with a major in education as well a minor in special education. When doing her student teaching she was one on one with an Autistic boy. She said that moment in her student teaching is what made her know she wanted to go back to school to become certified as a Special Education teacher. After, teaching Special Education for about four years she returned back to an inclusive classroom to lessen her workload and allow her to focus more on her family. Mary Sarah is one of those teachers who have passion and love what they do. This was made obvious when I entered her classroom and she was staying after hours to help tutor two of her students in math. As we were able to sit down and start the interview the first thing I asked was how she was able to teach such a wide range of students? Mary Sarah is a fourth grade teacher but has students that range from a first grade ability all the way to a sixth grade ability. She expressed to me that it was not easy but it was do able and she loved the challenge. One student kept coming up in our conversation his name was Ryan. Ryan was a fourth grade student who suffered from mild
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