Essay on Education Beyond Undergraduate

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Education Beyond Undergraduate Graduate or professional education is an often-debated topic for a large number of University seniors. Regardless of the undergraduate degree many students must decide whether to enter the job market or go to school for another couple of years. When these students are faced with this decision it is important to look at what they consider. Is it job satisfaction, future pay, or the mere fact that they want to spend a few more years in college? These issues are all very important to students in very different manners. An important reason students consider continuing their education beyond their undergraduate degree is job satisfaction. Through my marketing classes, I have learned that my…show more content…
There are a number of exceptions. The students who make excellent grades are often offered scholarships in graduate school. But, most of these students did not have to pay for their undergraduate education for the same reason they will not have to pay for their graduate education. There are those students who pay their way through college making average grades and decide that they want to attend graduate school. They apply for scholarships, but usually do not receive them. Then they are forced to work their way through graduate school and pay the government back when they begin their profession. Maybe the government should make an exception or discount for students who start and finish a graduate education. As a student who has been free from working through college thanks to the generosity of my parents, I feel that graduate school is the place for me. For the first time, I will have to work to pay for school and therefore, I feel that I will appreciate it more. The third thing that I believe all college students consider when trying to decide whether to pursue an education beyond their undergraduate degree is whether or not they are ready to leave college. If a student has had an enjoyable college experience and made a lot of friends, I don’ t think they would be interested in entering the work force if they have the opportunity to remain in college for a couple more years. Granted, the graduate education is harder, but they still get to
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