Education Can Be A Variety Of Things From Everyday Life

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Education can be a variety of things from everyday life experiences, what our parents and siblings teach us growing up; from the people we meet the decisions we make and the conversations we have. Its’ about expanding our minds and getting us out of our bubble. It doesn’t solely have to revolve around in school. But that is where most of our education comes from. There are things that the education system lacked that some people may agree with. Some of the life experiences I had can explain what I went through. We as human beings learn something every day in our life’s. As for me this is how I have learned and adapted to my life style. Growing up school wasn’t particularly my favorite thing. Starting from middle school going to high…show more content…
Thompson a writer, goes into detail about his life experiences as an English teacher and as a law enforcement officer. He made the book in order to help people and law enforcement to learn the art of persuasion, how to communicate and have people cooperate with you. He had students that had no interest in learning they also made threats to previous teachers. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to teach them, instead he found out their hobbies. One student he had was interested in fixing cars, he had that student teach the class on what he knew. The following day he had another student do the same thing. Once he established that student teacher relationship he could incorporate his teachings. This form of teaching he did to connect with his students is something that should be applied to every school if possible. When people think of education some may associate it with school, but that’s not completely true. In a TEDx Talk video I watched, Claire Leppord a student from the university of Oregon sees it differently. Growing up her parents didn’t send her to school, they didn’t want to force education on her. But growing up she still learned. She learned how to read, do math and write. She knew about the human body just simply by drawing the human organs for fun, she lived her life. When she turned 16 she got her GED and enrolled into college. This form of education she receieved is unique and nothing I’ve heard of. Although she didn’t receive a
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