Education, Change, and Society

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Success, achievement and participation at school are not simply a matter of intelligence or ability. Discuss this statement with reference to the concepts of cultural capital, hidden curriculum, class and socioeconomic status.
Since the beginning of education there have been many forms, which have been passed on from one generation to the next. Over the years education has evolved and is now seen as the education system all over the world. Today the education system is seen to be much more complex, but it still involves notions that have been around since the beginning of success, achievement and participation. Not only do these three aspects continue to contribute to the success of
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Skills likes these are often not taught in a classroom, but have an impact on student’s education and can affect them later on in life.

It is vital that teachers understand about the hidden curriculum. Often students who come from a low socio economic background can struggle and find it hard when it comes to the hidden curriculum. Having students struggle with the hidden curriculum can impact their learning in other areas of the curriculum, such as summative assessments. Teachers have the opportunity and responsibility to help foster and build upon skill such as social and life skills. By helping students with skills like these will not only build upon their academic skills, but outside of school as well. By having a balance of these life skills as well as intelligence and ability, students will be able to be successful throughout their education. If life skills can be developed and established it has been stated that students are more likely to be successful in the future (Crosswell, Bahr, Pedergast and Newhouse-Maiden 2010 p101). This can be done by building positive student-teacher relationships. This can help students to start to express their ideas and talents through the hidden curriculum. Research has shown that young adolescents need to have a caring school environment, serve with other young adolescents, have a caring family and also develop positive relationships with other community
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