Education Coorelates to Civic Engagement in Putnam’s article, “The Strange Disappearance of Civic America

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From reading Putnam’s article, “The Strange Disappearance of Civic America”, one thing that you can include is that social capital and civil engagement is extremely important. Social capitals include features of social life, including networks, norms and trust. These things enable participants to act together more efficiently to pursue shared. Civil engagement refers to people’s connections with the life of their communities including politics. Another thing to consider is education plays an important role in civic engagement. Education is the strongest correlate of civic engagement in all forms including social trust and membership. Effects of education have become greater as times have passed. Education also boosts civic engagement …show more content…

“This massive change in the way Americans spend their days and nights occurred precisely during the years of generational civic disengagement.” From reading the article “Bringing Academics into the Grassroots Game” by Theda Skocpol, one thing that I can conclude is that the Scholars Strategy Network had a big impact on people. In Obama’s early years in government, something like this needed to be in place. Another thing I can conclude is that this strategy could be used by a variety of people. The purpose the network was to build bridges between scholars in colleges and universities who research policy and social issues and the activists, journalists, and policymakers who might find their work relevant. Another thing you can conclude by reading this article is that hard work is required to start up an organization. This article does not contribute to human suffering and or social disorganization. It contributes more to social organization. In this article, people are being organized and are working together to get things done. One thing that I noticed in the article was that other than working together, they were also working ahead of time. That can be a good thing, because it shows that you are ready and prepared for the task at hand. A personal trouble from the article deals with academics and policy debates. “I think academics have been partly to blame for losing touch with policy debates.” Sometimes,

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