Education, Crisis And The Cultivation Of A Great Leader

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Education, Crisis and The Cultivation of a Great Leader


Education, as a source of or solution to the crisis of problems in society, is the basis for the following discussion. Naturally, the philosophy of education has been a topic of complex analysis by the prominent philosophers throughout history in an attempt to address issue facing the societies of their era, and continues to be a controversial and challenging issue in the 21st century. One must question the reason for why education, which is essential to the evolution of the human species, has remained an unruly hindrance to societies as far back as one can see. In this paper, I will argue in agreement of education as a solution to crisis in the society. I will use evidence from the educational philosophies of Plato, Rousseau, and Arendt to further explore and discuss my position on the role of education as a prominent factor in societal predicaments throughout mankind’s history.
Plato: Educating The Philosopher King

The first word that I will discuss is Plato’s “The Republic”; I will go through his philosophical ideas in the following section, analyzing how Plato addressed the issues in Athens regarding the conflicts within the Athenian civilization. It is in Plato’s The Republic, Book VII where focus will remain in examining Plato’s stance on the topic of education. In the meeting presented in The Republic, Socrates sits with fellow rulers in a conversation in search of justice for Athens (Plato, The…
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