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The school system in America is obviously flawed beyond belief. The fact that the government is trying to control the way schools are run is more detrimental than beneficial. The government is searching for answers to the problem in education in all the wrong places. As well as trying to implement negative solutions to the problems in education, the government also works hard to firmly stomp out all beneficial programs such as extracurriculars that are effective.
One of the many solutions that the real “reformers” have put on the table is to cut class sizes. Children excel more when they have more one on one time with the teacher, as mentioned in Down the Rabbit hole as a solution. As schools
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These issues are only for the parents, but the children will not be getting a better education either. When a school gets shut down, all of the kids need to find a new school and since many parents simply cannot afford private schools, they are forced to put their children in other public schools or charter schools, which both have a large amounts of negative aspects. Charter schools are only for children who cause no problems to the staff and can excel while any other child, who could have a learning disability or English as a second language, is either not accepted or strongly urged to leave. The problem with another public institution is that the school will most-likely become over-populated again due to the kids moving from the shut down school to the new one.
While this issue seems to be horribly stacked against students there is a way to fix this issue. The major solution is to cut class sizes. This solution allows for students to get the one- on-one time that they need with a teacher. In this way a teacher and lower the quantity of students at a time to increase the quality of education that the students get. Along with this solution, school funding needs to be reworked in a way that does not leave a school to simply die out. If a school is underperforming then that
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