Education Differences Have Made A Child 's Education

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There doesn’t go a day where thinking about education differences have made a child’s education much different than what is expected. Today’s society are suffering from the same injustice that our ancestors have gone through. I personally have experienced a type of segregation of education because of being middle class and because of my race. There is a need for equal education systems that can help children of this generation better understand the curriculum and not have to put behind because of who they are and where they come from. Children suffer the most when they are not taught well enough to their abilities that can be shown. There are ways teachers can help advance the knowledge of students by expanding their abilities and explain things better than they believe is best. When one teacher believes their way of teaching is better than other teachers it is hard to tell when you can’t see it personally. Ones abilities are too limited to what wiser people can give to you. “In Math, when two-digit division was introduced, the teacher in one school gave a four-minute lecture on what the terms are called. The children were to copy these names in their notebooks… the math teacher in the other working-class school followed similar procedures regarding two-digit division and at one point her class seemed confused. She said, ‘You’re confusing yourselves. You’re tensing up. Remember, when you do this, it’s the same steps over and over again- and that’s the way division always
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