Education During The Industrialization Era

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Education During the Urbanization Era

The Urbanization Era in American history, 1870-1900, was a time for growth in America. During this era, industry grew in the country. Big changes occurred in technology, big business, large scale agricultural, and much more. Industries were growing and big businesses were booming. All of this was causing growth of population in the cities in the America. This all fueled the economic growth of the country ("The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900). The change in economy and business also caused big changes in other parts of the nation as well, such as education. Education saw some big changes especially towards the end of this time period. Education during the urbanization period was affected by many great influential leaders and philosophers of the time, by the growth in opportunity in America, and also was affected by legislation of compulsory schooling towards the end of this time period. There were many people that had big influences on education during this time period. These people shaped the way education was viewed and taught. One philosopher of education during this time was a man named John Dewey. Dewey believed that schools were a child’s transition into the real world. Teaching the students how to grow out of home life and into society slowly, so that they are not overwhelmed by society (Dewey). Dewey also believed the school was an opportunity for a child to expand socially outside of the home and…
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