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Education behind WGST Before enrolling in this course, it’s safe to say I was very uneducated of the events that occurred during slavery in the South. Throughout my previous education, the topic of slavery is often summarized into a concise lecture covering the major objectives of this time in history leaving out small yet valuable details. When choosing in this course, I simply enrolled in order to fulfill the general education requirements needed to complete my major. I figured it would be simple repeat of information from history classes I took in high school. Little did I know this would be one of the most informative classes I have ever taken. The mistreatment of women and slaves during this time is often overlooked, leaving room for assumptions. At times throughout this course I found myself disgusted not only with some of the information presented by my ignorance of the subject matter. The Reconstructive Era is mostly taught in a general education class exactly how it sounds: a time of reconstruction. After the Civil War and the South accepted defeat, societies gradually became equal ultimately leading us into the society we live in today. From what I was taught prior to this course, slavery was ended completely as soon as slavery was abolished and slaves were given a chance for complete equality in society. I did not get an opportunity to learn that the reconstructive period was actually the complete opposite really. Thankfully, the course gave me the knowledge

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