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     In many different ways, American cultural life during the Jeffersonian Era began to appear as a reflection of the Republican vision of the future. The Republicans had observed many modernizing trends, some of them favorable and others detrimental to their view of an ideal society. American religion began to adjust to the spread of Enlightenment philosophies. However, one of the most notable alterations was the new emphasis placed upon education. As more and more opportunities for learning arose, the nations literary and artistic life began to digress from the European influences which had governed early colonial society for years. In many respects, the new culture was the antithesis of many
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However, a working system of free schools was never put into effect. Later, a Massachusetts law of 1789 validated the statement that every town was responsible for supporting a school. Yet this principle was rarely imposed upon the people. Rather, schooling was primarily placed into the hands of private institutions. In New England and other areas, academies were customarily more secular. In the South and mid-Atlantic regions, religious groups regulated most of the schools. By 1815, there were a large number of private schools throughout the nation, a stark contrast to the Republican dream of America.
     The early nineteenth century did invoke some important advances in female education despite the Republican paternal vision of society. They adhered to a view of society where educated white males presided over a society in which everything else was dependent, including women. But America had begun to place a new accentuation upon the contribution of the mother to society. This, in turn, posed the conundrum: if women remained illiterate, how could they raise a generation of enlightened children? Many considerations such as these lead to the rapid creation of many female academies across the nation. This was a significant step for the edification of women, and opened the door to many substantial developments to come.
     This new movement intended to improve the pedagogical system also

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