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Ex 1 Using material from the article as well as your own ideas, consider what the priorities of education should be for your country and justify your reason for choosing these priorities. In Singapore, education is more or less a political and social engineering tool that prepares Singaporeans for the workplace of the future. In the 1960s, education was driven by the need for Singapore to survive as a small, independent city state with limited resources. Thus, there was a strong link between education and economic development. Given its history, it’s not surprising that Singapore still values education as part of the nation-building process. The main priority of education in Singapore should be economic growth. Singapore has no…show more content…
“We have to move up the food chain, to product innovation and the ‘R’ in ‘R&D (research and development), not just the ‘D’”. Explain what you think he means by this. He meant that we should not just develop and expand on our existing products and industries, but venture into new fields, thus knowledge is obtained and this gives us a competitive edge in a knowledge based economy. Ex 6 Given the criteria for democracy and the examples of societies where illusory democracy reigns, how democratic would you rate the Singapore government? You must give detailed evidence to support you opinion. Article 6 lists the criteria for democracy while article 7 reflects on the illusory nature of democracy in many societies. In my point of view, there is a high degree of democracy in the Singapore government. First of all, the Singapore government is highly democratic because the government gives freedom. The general elections held in Singapore are free and fair. One of the core values of
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