Education Field Using The Synthesis Method Of Research Studies

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Kinesthetic Learning in the Classroom In the past, the classroom setting was seen as very black and white with desks lined up in rows all facing the front of the classroom. In this setting, the teacher would lecture his or her students for hours on end. Following these long drawn out lectures, students would receive written exams over what they had just learned. However, this style of learning and teaching has become out of date and students and classrooms are all suffering. There is however, a better way for students to learn in a more creative and interactive way that will be more effective and fun for the students all at the same time. This study will be focused in the education field using the synthesis method of research studies. This study is focused on proving that when movement is implemented into the classroom setting, it creates a better learning environment for students and helps them develop a more permanent understanding of what they are learning. The brain is a very powerful tool for the young mind and must be nurtured in order to reach its fullest potential. The classroom is the number one place where this nurturing should take place. However, this is not the case in schools all across the country. When the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 was put into effect, standardized testing began to take over the classroom and soon funding was cut from various school programs. This included programs such as physical and health education. Instead, this funding and

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