Education For Immigrants And Immigrants

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Education for immigrants.
People read the newspaper and articles when they see a topic that is related to their life and I think the immigrant’s families will also read the newspaper when they see a topic about immigration. For example, my family are immigrants too and we tend to read the article when the headline has something to do with immigrants which convinces me that the main audience of my article would be immigrants and their families. We tend to read articles and try to find out if we are getting the same right as others or not and many immigrant families will read my article and try to find whether they are getting equal opportunity or not. Immigrants are not getting same opportunity as others citizens and residents of United States.
Today in United States the immigrant’s population is increasing rapidly and we will see a surge of immigrant’s children attending schools in various levels. The children that are entering schools have very less knowledge of English language and will face many struggles in their education. Research from The state of Texas Education justifies the claim that early education of the children is very important for the well-being of the children when the researcher says, “Early education programs, including child care, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten, have an opportunity to help children develop to their full potential. Children who attend programs that meet high quality standards are more likely to provide lasting benefits (Early…
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