Education Funding And Teacher Shortages Essay

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Topic: Education Funding and Teacher Shortages Purpose: To persuade the class to recognize the issue of teacher shortages, consider the proposed ways to correct the issue, and work to rectify the situation. Thesis Statement: Oklahoma schools are now in desperate need of teachers; however, these positions are hard to fill because Oklahoma public school teachers are among the lowest paid teachers in the nation. To correct this issue, we must realize what is the problem, what caused the problem, and what is the best way to fix the problem. I. Introduction A. Gain Attention: According to a News Channel 4 story in 2015, Oklahoma teacher shortages became an “emergency” because in only two years, emergency certification requests jumped from 97 to 499. This means that 499 school districts needed a teacher immediately because they could not fill the void. During this time, the Oklahoma State School Board Association (OSSBA) released a statement that over 1,000 teaching jobs were available and needed to be filled (Doney, 2015). B. Establish Speaker- Audience- Topic Connection: As college students, every person in the classroom should be able to think back to a teacher they’ve had that inspired them to do something big, or taught them lessons about life as well as school. Teachers are so vital to our lives because they helped to get us here at Oklahoma State furthering our education even more. It can be easy to say that this isn’t our problem, but if you focus on the teachers that
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