Education Has A Huge Impact On Employment Rate Essay

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Introduction The employment rate means to the number of persons in employment as a percentage of the population of working age. In general, people with higher levels of education have better job prospects, the difference is especially marked between those who have attained upper secondary education and those who have not. Education has a huge impact on employment rate. OECD countries, 84%of the population with tertiary education is employed. It falls to 74% with upper secondary education. Those who has only low secondary education, the employment rate is 70%, for the woman is 49%. Those who has university level education, this rises to just under 89% for men and 80% for the woman. Education affects the employment rate is because of the company always wants higher educational employees in their company, which will make the people with lower education harder to get a job. The unemployment rate will decrease when people have higher education, this shows how important education is. Education is the main cause of the employment rate, because people always want higher education employees, which will affect the employment rate hugely, when there are people with low education, they will not employ them, so it will affects the employment rate, which will decrease the employment rate of the country. Global Perspective As the world becomes more and more developed, the education provided for younger generations are getting better as well. People are more aware of the importance of
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