Education Has Always Been Expressed By Parents

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Education has always been emphasized by parents. After all, they survived the Khmer Rouge, the Cambodian Genocide in the 1960’s. They were robbed of their early adult years, when they were high school students and could have become college students. As a child, I had already inherited the message that the offspring are, implicitly or directly expected, to succeed in whatever the parents’ unfulfilled accomplishments are. I still remember when they old me, “The only thing that no one ever can steal from you is education” and this had a profound effect on me to this day. But I also knew that this was a caveat. Like most parents, my parents believed that education was a product of school. So although they believed in the power of education, they encourage academics, considering that was all they know. For me, these two words have never been synonyms. Because my parents emphasized it, I did well in school but I never took academic seriously, at least not in Cambodia. For me, academic and education are two different entity: academic is to religion and education is to spirituality. Academic is what they teach you in school and education is what you learn on your own. Academic is analyzing whether the sky is blue, whereas education, is looking up to the sky and see it for yourself. In my head, education was about learning and applying knowledge that help you would grow to be a better person than you were from yesterday. Yet, I didn’t find that I was learning that “knowledge” in
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