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Throughout my life I’ve encountered many educators whether through elementary, middle school, high school, or college level. My involvement with these educators throughout the years would become very instrumental in not only my learning, but also becoming an educator. Educators can range from parents, who become our primary educators of life as a child throughout adolescents, and eventually adulthood. A parent will educate us as youth on what we perceive as home training, family values and morals. Preachers can be educators as they educate you on the bible and the way of life. Teachers who serve as a master educator, serves a vital part of a child’s learning and learning needs. Teaching in most cases is showing or demonstrating what you’ve experienced and applying that task to someone else. I reflect back to my early years as a child and my little league baseball coach teaching how to become a baseball player. Although I know how to throw and catch a ball, I didn’t know the fundamentals of the game. One example I can think of is the coach teaching me how to slide when stealing a base. The example he would use is “pretend you’re running on a slip in slide” when stealing a base. I also think back to my kindergarten teacher teaching my how to tie my shoes or how to recite my ABCs. Learning comes when you take what was taught and apply it to that particular frame. I remember when I leaned my alphabets, and I couldn’t wait to recite them to my family. Learning is also is also

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