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This study suggests that education does, in fact, play an important role in job ads in the nonprofit sector. In particular, the majority of job ads in the nonprofit sector require applicants to have a 4-year degree or higher in order to apply for a position on the Internet. The fact that this study only sought out jobs on the Internet is a limitation, as many well-connected individuals seeking a job in the nonprofit sector use their social networks to find out about a job at an organization that might not even be posted on the Internet. Here, an individual’s network or ties becomes an asset that is working to help benefit the individual and provide them with access to information about a job opportunity (Granovetter, 1973; Petersen,…show more content…
Future research can explore the potential role education and other factors within organizations play on the economic security of nonprofit employees. This study also suggestions that an organization’s mission play a role in influencing hiring decisions within can nonprofit organization. Further research into organizational missions could uncover additional variations in employment and hiring decisions within organizations. For instance, for some organizations, there may be a mismatch of a nonprofit’s mission statement (e.g., to close the opportunity divide) and actual hiring practices (e.g., an organizational policy that only requires formal education), while other organizations are simultaneously socially just in their missions and inclusive in their hiring practices. As a management background become increasingly common among nonprofit leaders, the role of nonprofits in reducing inequality and promoting social justice has become more unclear (Eikenberry & Kluver, 2004). If education requirements are viewed as important to achieving organizational missions, these findings will have implications for internal hiring policies but also education policy. Most importantly, formal education forces us to simplify the concept of
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