Education In Ralph Emerson's The Spirit Of Education

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Above all, education is important. Rather it be the education we get from our schooling, or the education we get from the things we learn externally. The author, Mark Twain, has a quote that says, “ I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”, this quote can be interpreted differently, depending on the standpoint of the person reading it. Some authors that would universally agree with this would be: Francine Prose, she wrote the essay, I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read, another author, Ralph Emerson, he wrote an essay called, from Education, and yet another, Kyoko Mori, she wrote an essay called School. There is an image that could be related to the text as well that was painted by Norman Rockwell, and it's named The…show more content…
He is explaining, that college is supposed to be there to be the birthplace of any one person’s knowledge, even though men have a natural-born determination to be more intelligent, they are usually the last to actually achieve their higher goals because of the obstacles and delays and whatever else may be in the way as well. Through all of that, it has opened up the any one person’s mind to endless possibilities.
In order to, actually learn a person has to fully grasp a subject to comprehend it. The third author, Kyoko Mori, author of the essay School, declaims that, “No matter what the subject, our teachers never gave us very clear advice about how to do it better” (Mori 206). Most people would agree with that statement, not just because of the truth behind it, but from personal experiences where that certain statement has been applied before. It could be math, english, science, history, art, sports, music, or anything under the sun that could possibly be learned, where the teacher of that particular subject may explain something where it all sounds familiar; it could be on the top on someone’s mind and they just wouldn’t quite be able to get it, because of the way the teacher explained it. Most people have figured out that most things, if they want to be successful with it, they have to do it themselves to know if they did it right or not.
As an illustration, we can see the
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