Education In The Digital Age Of Technology In Education

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Across the U.S., technology used in education has been increasing exponentially. Every learning institution ranging from elementary school to college have incorporated technology into their teachings. Online textbooks, quizzes, notes, and classes are all examples of how education has been utilizing technology. While technology has a place in education, not everything in education needs to involve technology.

In this digital age of technology, every student has struggled with online assignments due to online programs requiring answers to be typed in a specific and certain way. Such an example is a program takes .2 as the correct answer but ⅕ is incorrect even though they mean the same thing. This is a widespread issue occurring everyday and across all platforms resulting in much frustration among students. A specific incidence was when the students of State University of New York at Oswego were so fed up at an online program called Webassign, that they started to petition against the use of it. “The new assignments have upset some students in the course, which is the largest in the physics department and is required for most STEM majors. Students protested the length and bugginess of the new pre-labs, circulating a petition and plastering copies around Shineman Science Center, bringing the department to change its policies” (Parsnow). This illustrates that online programs are not always correct or dependable. Additionally, I too have experienced trouble and frustration when

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