Education Industry in Malaysia

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At present, world economics is growing extremely fast which results in the increasing demand for talents all over the world. Education is one of the most important issues faced by many countries around the world. Malaysia’s government has noticed that improving education industry is necessary in order to strong the country.

This report is going to discuss the impact of the macro and micro environmental factors on education industry in Malaysia.


In the past, there were two initial proposals for developing the national education system: the Barnes Report and the Fenn-Wu Report. Initially, the British colonial governement did not build the schools which many Malays cannot adapt. As a result of that, many Malays
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Malaysia is a middle income country. Base on the information from NEAC, consumers are willing to spend on more on travelling since 2006. According to the Economic Report 2005-2006, the wholesale and retail trade and hotels and restaurants indicates that shopping and travelling are the main lifestyle in Malaysia (Malaysians' spending on travel expected to rise 2006). Up to now, most oversea students enrol into the branch of foreign university instead of government school. The impact of economic force encourage the education industry to enhance their service and improve the quality by diverstify the courses and offer more accesses of higher education to the different racials.

Natural environment is another important force in macro-environment. Education is a industry requires a lot of teching talents. The increasing population indicates that malaysia needs more teachers than any other periods. In the another aspect, the increasing population have increased the costs of energy. It means that the operation costs of the education organisation may increase because the electricity, gas and water price is going up.

The Department of Environment state that the promotion of environmental awareness and environmental education has been intensified. The Sixth Malaysia plan is a plan that aim to identify the issues and concerns that requires effective management and educate the individual to address environmental issues and provide solutions to the problems (Existing

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