Education Inequality In Education

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The Key to Oppress: Education Inequities and The Urban State of Achievement Jessica J. Stephenson Wayne State University In the race for supremacy, the oval-arching strategy stands to “Make Education Great Again”. The nostalgic endorsement seeks to bring back the beloved American Dream. Reminiscent of the past, the vision for a better future reflects a tradition notorious for peaceful homes with white picket fences and protesting whites with picket signs. Despite the nation’s progress in civil rights and compulsory laws, the widening achievement and income gap between races and classes mirrors an ugly truth. Education in America has never been great. Education inequality is a social problem that has existed since its introduction in American society. While access to quality education is an attainable reality for the white majority, it is an urban legend for low-income minorities enacted by federal, state, and local government. This paper will examine the fundamental determinants of educational deficiencies and low academic performance in urban K-12 education. Furthermore, it will evaluate the implications of politics on intergenerational social mobility, specifically among black students. SOCIAL CONDITION The term “achievement gap” refers to the difference in academic performance and education attainment among students. More specifically, it describes how “white students and students from wealthy, well-educated families have consistently

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