Education Is A Basic Human Process

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Education inclusiveness Education inclusiveness in this study represents the creation of an environment where all children, including children with disabilities, poor children, street children, and orphan children to ensure the opportunity of equal access to quality education regardless their shared economic statuses (Polat, 2011). Quality Education Access Quality Education Access is the ability for all children to decide on the schools they want to attend, regardless social circumstances facing them. It is the opposite of exclusion from quality education Education Defining education may be simple for anyone focusing on what happens in classrooms, where teachers and students interrelate in the process of teaching and learning. At the end the test defines whether students leaned or not, and it determine the suitability of students to progress to further studies or not (Shank & Brown, 2013). Yet, education definition needs a broader view beyond the class teaching to the learning settings (Shank, 2006; Shank & Brown, 2013) than what exist in mind regarding education. Education “is a basic human process.” This means human being learn each time they meet together to interact with each other. Learning is one of the “basic” actions that happen on a daily basis similar to eating, sleeping, etc. Education is “a broader concept and practice.” It comprises all successive work that people perform on the daily basis in different arenas. “Informal educations, incidental
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