Education Is A Central Need Of All People Around Over The World

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Education considers as a central need of all people around over the world. All children have the whole right to learn. According to Aske, Connolly, & Corman, (2013), “all children in the United States have the right to a publicly supported education regardless of race, social class or religious beliefs is an American value.” The important point that we should take care of in the rights of education do not look at students’ social levels, race, and religions. Therefore, early reformers attempted and worked hard to improve the education system by some processes such as training the educators, or combine some schools for better productivity (The U.S. Department of State, 2008). Moreover, the development of schools began from the nineteenth century (Pulliam and Van Patten, 1999).
In addition, if we look at education policy timeline in the United State, we will find some development projects. However, some of these succeed while others failed in achieving their goals. “The federal government instituted a number of other reforms, including a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), to little or no avail” (Ginsburg & Jill, 2013). Furthermore, policymakers do not take a rest from struggles to develop the education system. They continue to argument and make main education reforms such as new academic standards, new valuations established on those standards, and new teacher assessment programs (Posey, 2014). Thus, we can say that the educational…
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