Education Is A Great Thing That Everyone Tries To Achieve

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Education is a great thing that everyone tries to achieve for themselves and for their children. The reason for this, is that when one has a great educational background, it can lead to the person getting a better job, a better income, and a better chance to provide for their family. Some, however might not get this opportunity or do not realize the importance of a great education until it is too late. The reasons a person might not get a great education are numerous, and it can include they can’t afford the high cost that comes with getting a college education, don’t have the time, or just come from a poor family and feel that, they won’t be accepted into these schools. These types of issues usually affect your average American family,…show more content…
Policy is best defined as a statement by the government of what it intends to do such as law, regulation, or decision about a specific problem (Birkland, 2016). This definition about policy seems to say, that a policy tries to combat or resolve an underlining problem that a community, or a certain section of a community is dealing with at the current moment, with legislation. This is an important aspect of our country because it allows for better results when something goes wrong, in that the policy makers realize that something is not working, and would create policy in order to correct the problem. A problem also has a unique definition, when it comes to policy. A problem is defined as a usually undesirable situation that according to people or interest groups that can be alleviated by government action (Birkland, 2016). The definition of a problem seems to suggest that the policy makers and the government taking the necessary measures in order to solve the problem can mitigate any problem. In this country’s history, there have been many problems that the government tried to resolve with many degrees of success. The Dream act was another case of a major problem seen by many, which need to be resolved with quick government action. After defining what a policy is, and what a problem is in a general sense, we now need to look at what problem the Dream Act, is trying to resolve in the first place. The main objective of the
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