Education Is A Mandatory Factor For Human Survival

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Education is a mandatory factor for human survival, without education we would not have communication or know how to accomplish anything. My educational experience has not been bad, and I am beyond thankful for all of it although there has been bumpy patches! There are a few encounters that impacted my life crucially. These encounters make it easy for me to explain why I can’t have the future I want without education. A very important step in your path to success is goal setting. For some people education is not as important to them after high school. We all have the option of college after receiving a diploma, however if teachers would discuss professions, majors and talk to the students more about setting long term goals the number of students entering college would increase. High school was a great time for me. Two major lessons, I learned, was first to set high goals and second to go after them. Never settle for less and do not let anything stop you. Time goes by fast so don’t waste it. Those two experiences have helped me out a lot in life and have set me up for life, which lead me to the theory that setting goals is important for accomplishing what you want in life. Advisors in high school don’t go over that as much as they should. A goal to me is something you want to accomplish and achieve. Whether it is learning to ride a bike or passing your driver’s test. There are many obstacles that can get in the way but if it’s a true goal nothing will stop you. Every goal…

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