Education Is A Necessity Of Civilization

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Education is a necessity of civilization. Without education, we would still be living in caves. The concept of education is the very reason we live as we do today, however, there is some controversy on how we attain this education. Should education be free or should we pay for the opportunity to further our learning? The recent Presidential election brought Senator Bernie Sanders’ ideals into the limelight, most notably his idea that a college education should be free. There are potential benefits with this plan, but also there are unavoidable problems. These problems greatly outweigh the benefits, furthermore, this idea of free public college education would prove disastrous for our economy. If college were to be free, then a college education would lose its value, moreover, students would no longer see it as something they should appreciate, but rather as something they are entitled to. It must be remembered that this is a very political subject and as such, has many tiny moving parts, often overlooked, that each play in integral role in the overall argument, some of these being the socialistic implications that free public college brings with it, particularly, the gap between low and high income families. Depending on someone’s income level, they may strongly advocate one way or another as higher class families have easy access to college while some low-income families may laugh at the idea of sending a family member to college. Of course, there are some that believe…
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