Education Is A State And Local Responsibility Essay

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Education Higher education needs to be available and affordable for everyone in the country. College education needs to be inexpensive, students do not need to be in debt or struggle to pay off loans for tuition, books, and materials especially coming right out of high school. Education is a state and local responsibility in the United States. It is also a responsibility of public and private organizations that create colleges, set course curriculum, and determine the necessities for admission and graduation, these programs. Civil Rights in Education includes the need to remove racial barriers from schools to create an equal educational opportunity for everyone regardless of their race or ethnicity. Our principals insure us to have equality, this includes equal treatment in schools, this includes equal opportunities in receiving aid to pay for school. A knowledgeable population was thought to be crucial to defend liberty and the general welfare of citizens, this involves the constitutional government. The Educational System Receiving a college education is essential if someone wants to be successful and have a decent future. This not only includes college bound students, but also students who struggled throughout high school. Public schools play a major role in the preparation of citizens, especially high school, where a common civic culture is often times created (McPike, E. n.d). The system of education is very complex; it takes a lot to provide quality education.
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