Education Is An Essential Means For A Meaningful Life

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Education is an essential means to a meaningful life. It’s what separates humans from animals. Is it even possible to imagine a life without any type of education? Where would humans be if there weren’t any education to help develop one’s brain? Equally important is the type of education a person receives throughout that person’s impressionable life. Most people have experienced different types of education during a person’s life, from their parents, to their teachers, to their friends, and through self-education. Everyone remembers the quality education that was presented in a way that had him or her buy into the material being taught. Obviously the same is true for the polar opposite of that fact. Authors Paulo Freire and James Loewen have wrote great essays on the education systems they come from and experienced. They have taken a deep look at the education world and documented it for people to learn from it. Even though the two authors are from complete different walks of life, it’s interesting and valuable to notice the differences and yet have similar points of view. The common idea both authors share is the education system has major issues and can be repaired by educators. Freire wrote the “ The Banking Concept of Education” which pointed out that educators are above students, which are viewed as completely stupid and uneducated. He wrote, “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.

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