Education Is An Important Factor

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In our society today, education has become an important factor in our live. The ways we have increasingly progressed over the many years have influenced our perspectives of what education really is. Although education is thought to mean acquiring knowledge obtained from textbooks and school, I believe that it is one of a broader sense; allowing not only students, but everyone to expand their experiences, thus creating what Spayde and Kagen would consider “real world” education. In my personal point of view, I have found myself being engrained the ideology of education being all about the 4.0 grade at school, taking the Advanced Placement Classes, and being accepted to the best Ivy League schools. Growing up, society as well as my parents…show more content…
A huge part of education is learning by the experiences we acquire outside of our classes. It becomes simplified into the informal education we get from other. As Hart has described, students are struggling with the world that they live in today, for our education system is not preparing students for the outside world, rather, it focuses on specific areas that society believes to be important. This leads to a lack of general knowledge, thus creating students educated in some sense, but ignorant in the other. Newman believes that the need for a diverse field in education, allows students to be surrounded by different interests; learning and assisting one another. Students are able to understand the material without fully going in depth with the information, and by doing so; they are able to grow and form their own opinions. By allowing such education and providing a well-balanced education, people are able to become more knowledgeable and well- rounded. The primary purpose of any education is to produce intellectual people, one who are understanding, and opinionated about the world they live in. Similar in thought to Newman, Spayde believes the education doesn’t thoroughly allow you to understand the concepts of life. He believes that there are many other factors out in the world where you can pick up such knowledge along the way. It is the people that you surround yourself with that allow you to become much more
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