Education Is An Important Part Of Life

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Education is an important part of life even for people who are already educated, but education never ends. As a matter of fact, intelligence is constantly increasing, so educated people should not waste such educations with unnecessary leisure activities like watching television when a person can continually improve his or her education. In today’s culture, an educated person should spend more time reading than watching television because reading builds the reader’s vocabulary and reinforces the prior knowledge of particular terminology, but watching television requires no active thinking. Challenging the mind is one of the greatest ways to improve it, so reading at higher levels, regardless of age or education status, will build the vocabulary of a reader, thus making the reader a more knowledgeable person. When a reader stumbles across an unfamiliar word in a sentence, he or she may use context clues to figure out the meaning of the word, or this person could simply look up the word in a dictionary or similar source. Seeing unfamiliar words challenges a reader’s mind because each word is introduced multiple times in order to define it: once when reading the sentence the first time, twice after reading it the second time, three times in order to look up the word, and four times when the reader uses the word’s definition in place of the term in the sentence. These re-introductions build a reader’s vocabulary which is important because having a stronger vocabulary allows a
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