Education Is Essential For The Growth And Development Of A Society Essay

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Education is essential for the growth and development of a society. Many countries believe that education is the best way to secure economic growth and stability for their people. The United States of America is famous for its many diverse colleges and educational institutions. Considering the fact that the United States of America is one of the most powerful economic leaders in the world it would be assumed that the U.S.A. is leading the world with its education system. In truth, the education system in the U.S.A. in not even ranked in the top ten of developed nations. There is a problem within the American educational structure that is leading to below par test results and performance levels amongst American students. Studies show that many American schools are decomposing, especially poor areas throughout the nation. Budget cuts and economic difficulties have cause many areas in the nation to neglect the educational requirements of its youth. Student health, safety, and opportunities for learning are going down the drain. For many states within America, there is a continued decline in the number of students who graduate from a K-12 system with adequate accredited test scores. According to statistics, one of the states with the highest failing rate was Michigan. Michigan and other states have not solved the problems that are facing obsolete academic programs. “Nearly ten percent of the nation’s schools- 8652 of some 91,000- already face the first level of sanctions under

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