Education Is Important For School Improvement

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Most people would agree that children grow and learn when they are surrounded by strong communities that have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, many children do not have that in their home lives. They are isolated and do not have people in their life that can provide the level of emotional support they need to develop into well-rounded individuals. I believe schools have a responsibility to create an environment where students can feel safe, take risks, and grow to be successful adults. The right combination of culture, collaboration and shared vision of learning is vital in creating an environment conducive to student achievement. School culture is important to school improvement, but it is complex. It needs to be…show more content…
This is why it is crucial for leaders to be aware of how the decisions they make will affect the climate and culture. It is not to say that every decision will please all people, but that if leaders are clear about their vision, collaborate with the staff prior to making big decisions, align all decisions to the shared vision, and most importantly, keep the student 's best interests in mind, then that will help build a sense of trust. If there is trust in the leadership, staff will be more understanding and use practices that perpetuate the culture in a positive way. If our goal is to develop student 's ability to think, then thinking should be a value that the culture embraces wholeheartedly. If good habits of mind lead to strong thinking skills, then our leaders and staff must live by these values. Thinking skills need to be practiced and institutionalized throughout everything the school does (Costa, 2008, pg. 272). The Habits of Mind can provide unity around common practices, purpose and vision. First, they will provide an agreed upon set of characteristics that the students will have by the time they leave. Second, thinking habits apply to all disciplines, therefore, all content areas can share a common thread that links the sometimes isolated groups together. Lastly, having the practice of using good habits of mind will allow staff and parents to develop a common understanding and a shared language that will create
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